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1 - Te Vivo
   Luan Santana
2 - Esse Cara Sou Eu
   Roberto Carlos
4 - Gangnam Style
5 - Sogro Caprichou
   Luan Santana
6 - Oh Pai
7 - Cuidar Mais De Mim
   Paula Fernandes
8 - T Passando Mal
   Fernando e Sorocaba
9 - Victor & Lo
   No Me Perdoei
10 - Parapap - Part. Sorriso Marot
   Michel Tel

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China is on track to spend $500 billion on crude oil importsby 2020, far outstripping the peak cost ever incurred by theUnited States on crude imports of $335 billion, Wood Mackenziesaid in a report.
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“We do not know for certain the hackers succeeded in stealing data, however since there is a theoretical risk and because it is our policy to be open and honest with our customers, we are being proactive in alerting you,” it added.
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Orbuch also credits the fact that you can go live in nearly two hundred countries with minimal effort on the developer’s part as a prime benefit of the App Store. That kind of global distribution was difficult to achieve previously due to the complexity of payments and security. “Sure, there are plenty of frustrations re review guidelines, rejection, time for approval, etc,” he says. “To us, though, those are relatively minor annoyances…without a centralized store, there’s no way any of this could have happened.”
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"The website is unacceptable, and we are improving it, but the product is good and across the country people are getting access to affordable care starting January 1," one administration official said.
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The political message was prominent throughout, with Bob Crow, general secretary of the RTM transport union, saying it was “fantastic” that Lady Thatcher had died and calling on trade unions to abandon the Labour Party to create a new “party of labour”.
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Legally speaking, self-driving cars are probably legal everywhere already. What drove the legislation to specifically allow the cars on the road was Google. The tech giant wanted to make sure that before they pumped millions of dollars into driverless cars, the cars were explicitly legal and encouraged, not just probably legal and tolerated, said David Estrada, former legal director for Google.
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Susumu Tonegawa, also from RIKEN-MIT, said his teams' work provided the first animal model in which false and genuine memories could be investigated in the cells which store memories, called engram-bearing cells.
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It’s not the first time Schultz has waded into the national political debate. In 2011, he asked other chief executives to join him in halting campaign contributions until politicians stopped their partisan bickering. The CEOs of more than 100 companies, from AOL to Zipcar, took the pledge.
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The league and the union originally paved the way for testing in the 10-year collective bargaining agreement they signed in August 2011, but two complete NFL seasons have come and gone — and a third is right around the corner — without a single HGH test being administered on a player.
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A runner is caught between the horns of an El Pilar fighting bull on Estafeta street, before being gored by the same bull, during the sixth running of the bulls of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona July 12, 2013.
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